For School Stuents

Who can enter

Exclusively for students in middle schools or senior colleges in the Northern Territory.


Design and program a maximum of 2-minute interactive story using Scratch that promotes the unique features and attractions of the Northern Territory while incorporating coding concepts and storytelling techniques. Students will need to provide a final scratch file after they have completed it. You can choose to work as a team or individually.

   For primary school using Scratch Jr, the length of the video is maximum 1 minute


  • The winner will be invited to join us at CDU IT Code Fair on Friday 27th October 2023, at DoubleTree by the Hilton Hotel at Esplanade.
  • The prize includes a $300 gift voucher and a certificate.

Important Date

  • Submission Open: 25/05/2023
  • Submission Deadline: 22/10/2023
  • Winner announcement: 31/10/2023

Judging criteria

Your project will be judged by 4 criteria as follows:

  1. Idea (25%)–The concept is well explained, with details on how reasonable, sustainable and scalable the concept is.
  2. Creativity (25%) – Exceptionally clever and unique in showing deep understanding and doing things out of the box.
  3. Desirability (25%) – Uses information in connection with the argument or purpose of the work, presents it in a highly effective format, and explicates it with consistently high quality.
  4. Video Quality (25%) – The viewers are left with a strong understanding of the topic, will remember the video, and feel like they want to learn more.

Challenge rules

  1. If you choose to work as a team, teams may not have more than 4 members. Only one submission per student/team.
  2. Turn in your submission by uploading your video and propose your idea through a short video of a maximum of 2 minutes by uploading to Flipgrid at
  3. Students can work on submissions at school or home.
  4. Submissions must be turned in by 22/10/2023.