About CDU IT Code Fair

Bharanidharan Shamugan, Sami Azam, Damien Charles & Cherry Narumon Sriratanaviriyakul, CDU IT CodeFair Committee at CDU IT CodeFair 2021

The CDU IT CodeFair was founded in 2014 to initiate a forum for students to share their programming knowledge and apply IT skills to solve real-world problems through the support of Department of Corporate and Digital Development (DCDD).

 Since then, CDU IT CodeFair has grown every year with hundreds of IT students looking forward to the event made possible by the strong support of NT Government and local IT industry. 

From 2020 onwards, the event expanded to include local school students and IT students from other states all over Australia.

CDU IT CodeFair is proud to be a part of NT Digital Excellence Award.

In 2021 the CDU IT CodeFair also received citations at the Australian Awards for University Teaching.  

To view the awards ceremony, go to 2020 Australian Awards for University Teaching – YouTube


To be Australian’s most reputable students showcase and looking forward to by local IT students and local businesses & government.


We strive to help CDU IT students enhance their skills, showcase their talents, and build positive relationship with local industries to achieve their dream jobs.


  • We encourage innovation and critical thinking to meet challenges.
  • We foster an environment of collaboration and always put the benefit of the team as ourpriority.
  • We promote honesty, ethics, integrity, respect, and openness in all we do.