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Bharanidharan Shamugan, Sami Azam, Damien Charles & Cherry Narumon Sriratanaviriyakul, CDU IT CodeFair Committee at CDU IT CodeFair 2021

About CDU IT CodeFair

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CDU IT CodeFair comprises of various competitions and real-time challenges for students to showcase their passion and skills to develop practical solutions. The event also includes a series of workshops for middle school, high school and university students as well as conducting speed dating for current and future graduates in the local IT industry.


  • Every year, CDU IT CodeFair brings in speakers from many areas such as “Embracing IT during COVID-19”, Building a Career with Meaning, IT Innovation and many more.

Every year, CDU IT CodeFair brings in speakers from across the spectrum who have addressed on many aspects such as “Embracing IT during COVID-19”, “Building a Career with Meaning”, “IT Innovation” and many more.


To be Australian’s most reputable students showcase and looking forward to by local IT students and local businesses & government.


We strive to help CDU IT students enhance their skills, showcase their talents, and build positive relationship with local industries to achieve their dream job.


  •  We encourage innovation and critical thinking to meet challenges.
  •  We foster an environment of collaboration and always put the benefit of the team as ourpriority.
  • We promote honesty, ethics, integrity, respect, and openness in all we do.