Who can enter

Anyone who is enrolled in middle schools or senior colleges in the Northern Territory are welcome.

What do you have to do

Information Technology is now a part of our daily lives. However, there are still problems that take place in one’s everyday experience that awaits you to use IT as a solution to those problems. Can you think of anything at the moment? Think NT Bus Tracker or Fuel NT, the past projects as the outputs of our CDU IT CodeFair and suggest your own solutions to everyday problems you found in the NT.

Then, propose your idea through a short video of a maximum of 2 minutes by uploading to Flipgrid at https://info.flip.com/  using flipcode that will be updated here shortly. 


  • If you choose to work as a team, teams may not have more than 4 members. Only one submission per student/team.
  • Turn in your submission by uploading your video, propose your idea through a short video of a maximum of 2 minutes by uploading to Flipgrid at https://info.flip.com/ using the flipcode 
  • Students can work on submissions at school or at home.

Judging criteria

  • Idea (25%) – Demonstrate the concept is well explained, with details on how reasonable, sustainable and scalable the concept is. 
  • Creativity (25%) – Exceptionally clever and unique in showing deep understanding and doing things out of the box.
  • Desirability (25%) – Uses information in connection with the argument or purpose of the work, presents it in a highly effective format, and explicates it with consistently high quality.
  • Video Quality (25%) – Viewer is left with a strong understanding of the topic, will remember the video, and feels like they want to learn more.

Networking opportunity with more than 200 IT professionals & graduates

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