Business Innovation Challenge

Who can Enter

Anyone who is enrolled in CDU IT Courses (VET, undergraduate and postgraduate courses) in Academic year 2022

Your Mission


The NT Government is rapidly transitioning to digital service delivery. Ideally, any government service should be able to be delivered digitally. Recent national events (eg Optus and Medibank data breaches) highlight the need for services to be designed with protection of citizen data and privacy in mind.

The Northern Territory Government has already created the Can-Do Territory Services Online Portal which is the one-stop digital shop for many online government business services. This is being extended to a Citizen Portal to enable individuals and organisations in the NT to access a wide range of government digital services, securely, easily and consistently.


This year’s challenge focuses on the design of citizen-facing digital services.

Students will develop a design for the new breed of digital government service interactions, ensuring that the citizen is at the centre of the design.

This means the services must meet human-centred design objectives which include:

  • Secure by design – the means of authentication and sharing of private or sensitive information is designed to protect privacy while remaining easy to use
  • Credentials used to verify identity are not to be stored (limiting the risk of a government data breach) but must still be verifiable
  • The user interface must be easy to use for a wide range of skill levels (eg digital natives, seniors, people with disabilities, people with limited English)
  • There should be innovative use of automation, rule-checking or similar tools to streamline (or eliminate) data entry or service delivery
  • Citizen facing services should be available through multiple channels (eg mobile and web) and deliver a consistent user experience regardless of channel
  • The solution design should highlight how new services will access legacy data stores/applications
  • An example of personalisation or re-use of data across different services will highlight how the new digital government experience can be superior to traditional interactions.


Students are free to present their idea, designs and proposed solutions in whatever way they see fit. It could be a prototype of a web or mobile application, application architecture diagrams, screen designs, mock-ups or a presentation – or a combination of these. Be creative!

Our users may be highly skilled office workers or remote Aboriginal communities with limited connectivity. They might not trust government technology, they may be short-term visitors to the NT, or they may have low digital literacy and limited time to spare. The design must cater to a range of personas.

Examples of Northern Territory Government Services and transactions that may be accessible to users via the Citizen Portal include:

  • NT Drivers Licenses – for example:
    • Transfer of Interstate Licenses
    • Renewal of Licenses
    • Demerit Points
    • Updating your address
  • Apply for (or renew) an license, permit, or credential – For example:
    • High-Risk Work License
    • Plumbing Licence
    • Ochre card
    • Feral pig hunting permit
  • Vehicle Registration – For example:
    • Buying a new vehicle
    • Renewing your vehicle registration
    • Number Plates: apply or transfer plates
    • Check if your vehicle requires an inspection

Important Dates

  • Information Session
    • Date: Thursday 3rd November 2022
    • Time: 11:00 hrs
    • Venue: Pink 7 Foyer and virtually on MS Teams Meeting
  • Registration Closing Date
    • Date: Wednesday 30th November 2022
    • Time: 17:00 hrs 
  • PowerPoint Slide Submission Date
    • Date: Monday 5th December 2022
    • Time: 23:59 hrs 
    • Channel: by email to with subject title “BIC Submission”
  • Presentation Date
    • Date: Wednesday 7th December 2022
    • Time: 9:30 hrs onwards
    • Venue: Purple 12.3.14

Judging Criteria

  1. Design thinking in developing the solution (20%)
  2. Ease of use and intuitive interfaces (20%)
  3. Handling of privacy and trust (20%)
  4. Innovation, creativity and implementation (60%)


Judging Panel

The Judging Panel will include the following staff from the Northern Territory Government:

  1. Ewan Perrin – Executive Director Digital Government
  2. Donald Young – Senior Director, Digital Strategy
  3. Liz Shenton – Senior Director, Digital Solutions

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