Share your professional expertise and engage with the next generation of IT professionals.
This year we have many challenges and competitions to judge:

  • Business Innovation Challenge: for the most original solution to a real-life problem related to a local business issue.
  • Cyber Security Challeng: for the most original solution to a real-life cyber security problem.
  • Coding Competition:
    • Innovation Award – for the most original and innovative overall project
    • People Matter (UX) Award – for the application that provides the best overall customer experience
    • Ada Lovelace Award – for the best female developer
    • Proficient Coders – open to advanced coders in undergrad and postgrad students
    • Capable Coders – for coders with some experience (2nd year undergrad students)
    • Developing Coders –  for coders (VET, UG) who are just beginning to code (VET and 1st year undergrad students)
  • Poster Competition: for the poster that bests communicate an original project
  •  IT Innovation Challenge: For the best poster or powerpoint presentation, for NT schools only.
  • Digital Territory Challenge: Challenge for interstate students living in states other than NT. Showcase of skills and ideas t o make our territory more digital.

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